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Quality Policy

Our business strategy is based on continuous improvement in terms of people, quality, speed in execution of different contracts, aiming to achieve in practice and collectively very ambitious target of excellence, teamwork and commitment.
The Ferretti company intends to build a quality system to materialize the organization and management of product development, operations, suppliers, relationships with customers, so as to minimize the fundamental elements such as human effort, space, material and time required to make products with fewer defects, and according to the exact expectations of customers.
It is the will of the company to pursue a policy of continuous improvement in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and ensure the existence of the company in the future.
To maintain this target was adopted 6 SIGMA methodology and its tools, which involves a meeting of all the synergistic activities and will present our company profoundly changing our business model to improve performance over the competition with respect to safety, quality, speed and costs.
The strategic goal set has required significant changes yet sustainable compliance processes, management, corporate culture.

Quality policy can only be accomplished through engagement, participation in organizational activities, training and operational each executive, manager and operator, will be called upon to play.
The Ferretti is aware of the economic effort and organization to which the company must cope with diligence and consistency, however, has decided to undertake the path of innovation aware that constitutes the only guarantee of success and future growth.

The Ferretti Group has been certified ISO9002:94 on 27/09/2000.
Then always updated with the certification UNI EN ISO 9001.
BUREAU VERITAS certification entity.

In compliance with the provisions of the DM 14 Jan 2008, in order to obtain approval to change the center of the Ferretti Group has obtained approval in March 2011 as a processing center, has also been cerficata in December 2010 with the UNI ISO 3834-2 - Welding system, resulting in the presence of operators in charge of testing welding 473/ISO certified UNI EN 9717 and the coordinator of professional welding.

In 2015 Ferretti has got the EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011 certification for building steel structures and relative CE marking as required from new regulation 3052011/EU from european parliament and council of 9 march 2011 (Construction Products Regulation - CPR).

The Ferretti Group has already used the main instruments of 6 SIGMA methodology (PDCA CPK FMEA) applied to the entire production process.
The goal for 2011 is to achieve the certification for the safety OHSAS180001.

The organization of society Ferretti is currently made up of 43 employees distributed as follows:
metal carpenteers     25
mounting     4
painting     4
sales office     2
technical / production office     2
quality department     1
purchase office     2
administrative office     3

All projects that clients undergo Ferretti are carefully evaluated for featibility and made the best price, with particular attention to the quality of individual works and the complete correspondence of the commissioned work.

Tradition, experience and respect the commitments made have always been the must important think on which the company Ferretti has built its success to bring it up as a preferred supplier of some leading brands in their respective areas of expertise.

Quality plan (summary)

  • Contract check
  • Documents and data check
  • Planned supplies organization
  • Product identifiability and traceability
  • Development process check
  • Checks and objective testing
  • Instrumentation check and certification
  • Nonconforming product checks
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Product management, packing and shipping
  • Records controls
  • Quality audits
  • Assistance
  • Training and education
  • Statistical techniques

Quality plan (summary) 

Reference values 

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Valori di riferimento

Valori aziendali Impatto sul prodotto / servizio
Servizio tecnico-produttivo Collaborazione alla progettazione e gestione distinta base
Know-how nella carpenteria per ogni livello di difficoltà e finitura Oltre 60 anni di esperienza ed ora la formazione continua per prodotti di qualità
Qualità del prodotto/servizio Competenza, professionalità e processi sotto controllo
Rispetto dei tempi di consegna Pianificazione e organizzazione per la puntualità della consegna
Flessibilità produttiva e di risposta Variabilità nella tipologia di lavoro e di consegna