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Ferretti S.r.l.


Ferretti provides a wide range of metalwork manufacturing for a number of sectors: road (finishing machinery, pile drivers), rail (brake cabins and other components), lifting (aerial platforms, forklifts), drilling (augers), frames and components for automated machinery, framing and prototypes, and framework for constructions.


Our production units process numerous requests from our customers on a daily basis. In order to meet them at our best, Ferretti has hired highly qualified and specialised employees. Our technical office does not simply analyse the customer's needs but is also able to propose optimal executive and economic solutions to our clients.


The company regularly carries out ordinary and exceptional revisions on its equipment and invests much time on training employees in order to improve both processing times and production quality.


Ferretti is able to provide metalwork items finished with machine tools and coated. The company has its own borers and machinery for internal waterborne coating, which grants a better resistance to salt water compared to solvent-based varnish.


Ferretti boasts a series of tested internal procedures allowing the company to provide traceability of the processed products as required by the CE marking legislation we are certified for. For our customers, this is a further guarantee of the transparency and quality of the production chain they have chosen.


Ferretti is able to support its customers in the design process, too. Ferretti family has always been able to seize the market opportunities to deepen and improve the know-how on the finished products. Our business goal is providing our current and potential customers with services more and more in line with the evolution of the products of different market segments.